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  • In order to be eligible for the FringeYouth Festival (the “Festival”), the event must take the form of a project, exhibition, installation, production, show, performance, or workshop created by or suitable for youth aged anywhere from 0 to 25 years

  • The Festival aims to offer a wide range of creative events to a diverse and inclusive audience, and a selection panel will include as many submitted applications as possible to create an interesting mix 

  • The event must fit in with the technical requirements and equipment availability of The Fringe and each specific venue 

  • The event must comply with all laws of Hong Kong SAR. If any law is contravened, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the event at any time with no compensation to the practitioner


  • The application period runs from 11 April to 5 May 2024, both dates inclusive

  • Festival organisers will review all applications in order to assess suitability for the target youth market and to ensure a variety of genres and themes

  • Follow-up conversations may take place with applicants to confirm details and discuss any changes which may be required

  • Applications will be considered when received, and early application is encouraged as venue spaces are limited

  • Practitioners will be required to sign a project agreement with FringeYouth once the project has been accepted and confirmed

Moving in and out

  • Due to time and venue constraints (including stairs and no lift), practitioners must ensure that sets/props are simple and you have sufficient staff to effect delivery, unloading, and loading

  • There is no storage space

  •  There are no additional staff available at The Fringe for moving in and out

  • Practitioners may not exceed the time stated in their booking which includes assembly, any rehearsals, performance, striking the set, and moving out


  • The Fringe has public liability insurance which covers accidents or events directly related to its venues only

  • Practitioners should consider taking out additional insurance to cover accidents or events which may arise from their own projects and/or productions 

  • All practitioners will be required to sign a disclaimer waiving The Fringe’s responsibility for any accidents or events which may occur to their personnel during the course of the project and/or production

Special conditions for disabilities  

  • The Fringe is a century-old heritage building with multiple stairs and no lift. Only the Anita Chan Lai-Ling Gallery and Fringe Underground have barrier-free facilities. The entrances of both venues are flat with hand-pushing doors. Wheelchairs and persons with reduced mobility may require assistance


  • Applications by practitioners may be withdrawn after submission and before signing the project agreement

  • Once the project agreement has been signed, there will be no refunds for any fees already paid 

  • Exceptional circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis 


  • Participants in all Festival activities join at their own risk and the organisers and their partners are not responsible for any loss, damage, injury to any practitioner, and/or participant, and/or guest, and/or visitor to The Fringe and its venues

  • Final decisions are at the discretion of FringeYouth

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