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Fringe Underground, Fringe Club

AI 藝術親子故事創作坊: 孩子和我的奇想(7-9歲)

You will learn how to create drawings using AI programming together with your children. Artist Elfa Wong will not only share insights on how to inspire children to develop stories, but also teach

AI 藝術親子故事創作坊: 孩子和我的奇想(7-9歲)
AI 藝術親子故事創作坊: 孩子和我的奇想(7-9歲)


尚有 1 個日期

2024年7月16日 下午5:30 – 下午6:50

Fringe Underground, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong


Children's casual words can be poetic or story starters, but their limited expression leaves the ideas unfinished. Parents are asked to bring an imaginative idea or sentence from their child. We'll use AI to create drawings together. Artist Huang Ai-Hua will share tips on inspiring children's stories and teach creative writing, so each parent-child pair can make imaginative artwork. Explore your child's fleeting imagination through art and technology on a summer night. *Participants can print their collaborative artwork. *Parents, please prepare an idea or sentence from your child.


  • One parent and one child pair

    This ticket admits one parent plus one child pair to the event.

    +HK$7.00 服務費




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