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Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club

Kindermusik Live

A music learning experience for children, led by the creative educators at Baumhaus. This is a rerun of last year’s Kindermusik Live! show, recreated for a more intimate and interactive audience, with music played on live keyboard and percussion. Suitable Age: 6 months - 5 Language: English

Kindermusik Live
Kindermusik Live


2024年7月21日 下午2:00 – 下午2:45

Fringe Dairy, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong


Baumhaus, the team behind Hong Kong's #1 Kindermusik program, is excited to offer an immersive musical experience for children! 

Join us as we sing and groove to well-loved nursery rhymes and Kindermusik originals, led by experienced early childhood educators. Along the way, we'lll be  explaining to families the benefits of learning through music, movement, and play. Let our talented teachers and guest musicians guide your family on a creative learning journey - introducing musical magic to our youngest audiences (babies included!)


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