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Fringe Underground, Fringe Club

The Last Nut

Storytelling and Tree Hat-Making Activity Gavin Coates reads his thought-provoking story about the last tree in the world. Discover who is holding the last nut that it bequeaths us for the future. Then design your very own tree hat! Suitable Age: 4 - 10 Language: English

The Last Nut
The Last Nut


2024年7月21日 上午10:00 – 上午11:00

Fringe Underground, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong


A thought-provoking tale of a little nut that grows into a mighty tree, only to see its surroundings wrecked by human over-development. Eventually the tree drops one last nut as it passes away. Will the person who catches the nut eat it or plant it? We never know, but the mirror at the end of the book tells us who is holding the last nut ...  Then enjoy the tree hat-making activity. Colour in and decorate your very own tree hat and have it fitted on the spot!


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