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Fringe Underground, Fringe Club

The Trip! (Puppet show)

Join Team Beyond in finding their way back home from being lost on an unknown planet. Help them find a way to power their spaceship and get home! Through music, mindfulness, and a lot of audience participation, enjoy the art of puppetry. Suitable Age: 3+ accompanied by an adult Language: English

The Trip! (Puppet show)
The Trip! (Puppet show)


2024年7月18日 上午11:00 – 上午11:45

Fringe Underground, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central, Hong Kong


Join Captain Nah Nah and her intrepid space crew as they navigate the cosmos in search of a way back home! After crash-landing on a mysterious planet, they must recharge their spaceship, locate their whereabouts, and find a way back home. Along the way, they face various stressors but learn to combat their anxieties together. Join the team on this exciting journey of self-discovery and intergalactic exploration!   Through music, mindfulness and a lot of audience participation enjoy the art of puppetry from Treasure Chest Theatre.

*Workshop is at 10:30 and performance is at 11:00 for all days

*Please purchase tickets separately if you would like to participate in both events

*This event requires adult supervision. Each adult may supervise up to 2 children


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